At FirstStar Lending Solutions we truly believe we offer the best mortgage choices, provide options and expertise to help you achieve your mortgage goals. You save time and money. We're invested in our community and accountable to you -> our client. We take every opportunity to champion your success and serve a fiduciary duty to have your best interest in mind.

  • Technology

    We are leaders in the mortgage industry, not just for our superior client service, but also for how we incorporate innovative technology to reduce the time getting you to the closing table faster - thus making our client's lives easier. Our secured Client Portal, Electronic Document Delivery, document upload and loan status is the main hub. We offer tools where you can track and receive message about the status of you loan.

  • Training

    We are a learning company, constantly striving for process improvement and to become better at what we do through continued education and incorporating new processes to serve our clients.

  • Unlike banks, mortgage brokers help borrowers find the best loan

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